Unicorn Mum-a mother who couldn’t care less of what you think.

This is the post excerpt.


For those of you who don’t know what a unicorn mum is heres the google definition; A mother who enjoys alcohol (not so much me these days I prefer a cup of tea), has a sense of humor and couldn’t care less at what you think.

I think that pretty much sums me up on a good day. Not that it didn’t take a shit load of effort for me to get there. I came from low self esteem, little to no confidence, scared, shy, dutch courage using, wanna fit in and all the rest sort of background. I was trying to find my place in the world without realising I needed to find myself first.

When I look at myself now I am so thankful for what I have a beautiful family, wife Jess 26 and Son T.J 2 and me Hin a whole year away from thirty. I am literally living the dream when you take out all the shit things and the hurdles life throws at you.

What about you? Can you wake up everyday and toss the crap aside and live life? Do you hate your job but love what you do? Are you ready to be bold and take the next step in life and want some inspiration and know how? Me too! Let me know how you go and who your biggest influences are.

I am just a Mum, a Mumpreneur,  Tea Lover, Baker, Wife and Me.

I am just Me.



Boss Ladies in Marketing Fail

Within the 3 weeks we have been open for business online we did not go out guns blazing being saleswomen trying to sell to anyone that would listen. What we did do was attempt to sell ourselves and our brand by providing boring shitty content and over posting on pages flooding anyone we could with SPAM.

Our content wasn’t really shitty it was good and solid we just didn’t have the right audience for it and it was the same thing being posted over and over again. We didn’t break it down, we didn’t provide real value to our customers, we didn’t tell them why they needed and wanted what we had to offer. We were simply giving them what we thought they wanted but we were wrong.

For the first 3 weeks we had very low sales revenue, this was from doing nothing and most purchases were from people we knew. We had given away hundreds of dollars worth of product on giveaways, FB campaigns and also donated for charities (all of which is cool as). We just didn’t see any return from these activities.

Between us we had managed to dribble in a good sum of money. We made some not so good purchases and some really wise choices lets just say at the end of the 3 weeks in from launch we were more frugal with our money and had a clearer understanding of money management.

We wanted to produce a high quality website and purchased a package which was easy to use and consisted of us inserting our work as web design is not our strong point. We spent money on our pictures and used a well known designer and photographer to receive quality work and we did, our website is banging.

Which brings me back to my main point we made sales by doing nothing or nothing right at least and although sales were low they were still there.

So what if we did things right?

Could we hit the targets we wanted to be hitting?

what is the right way?

How do we target our Niche?